To us, beauty and integrity are one and the same.

             Advene is an elevated accessories label with a dual commitment to sustainability and design. Based in New York City, we are redefining the playbook for responsible luxury. Each one of our hand-crafted bags is a thoughtful balance of opposites: emotion and logic, softness and structure, simplicity and nuance. Inspired by ambitious women with a sartorial point of view, we make artful essentials tailored for real life.


It all starts with the raw materials. For every project, we spend months searching the globe for best-in-class leather and textile partners who are as committed to sustainable, low-impact processes as we are.



We carefully source our leather from EU regions, utilizing 100 percent traceable, food byproducts that would otherwise end up in landfills. The EU's four-decade tradition of cow traceability for food safety enhances the accountability of our leather. We choose natural cow leather over vegan leather due to its environmental impact. An overwhelming 95% of vegan leathers depend on harmful plastic-based materials like PU and PVC, which often have shorter lifespans and a larger environmental footprint than responsibly sourced leather.

             We partner exclusively with EU tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group. This means that, from rawhide to finished leather, every step of the process is held to responsible standards of environmental impact and ethical production. Designed for life's journeys, our leather is built to last. We've created a soft, fine-grained leather that provides long-term durability and withstands daily wear and tear.

100% traceable cow leather,

customized for resilience,

made in Italy


Cultivated using minimal water and chemical intervention, and producing two to three times more fibers than cotton can yield with the same amount of land, hemp has always been on our radar as a low-impact fiber full of design potential. As one of the strongest natural fibers (it’s four times as strong as cotton), hemp is ideal for making durable accessories that last a lifetime.

             Naturally dyed with waterproof treatment, our organic hemp is grown and finished in a single factory. With over twenty years of experience in hemp production, our manufacturer was one of the first producers to succeed in organic cultivation and become certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Organic Content Standard.

GOTS and OCS certified

100% organic hemp naturally dyed

with waterproof treatment



Suede can be tricky — it is beautiful to touch, wear, and look at, but relatively difficult to take care of. That’s why we spent months searching for a suede to withstand inclement weather and daily wear.

             We finally landed on an extra-special suede made in Italy from 100 percent traceable cow leather and with waterproof treatment.Embrace your city’s natural weather patterns without worrying about water damage to our iconic shapes in waterproof suede.

100% traceable suede

with waterproof treatment

made in Italy



For our dust bag, we sourced deadstock fabric from our hemp textiles supplier and Italian fabric suppliers. Color of dust bag will depend on availability.

             We incentivize you to opt for minimal packaging with a discount, but if more extensive packaging is needed, we created an FSC-certified signature box that is elegant and versatile enough to be repurposed.

dust bag crafted

from deadstock fabric


Releasing one product at a time, we’re devoted to conscientious craftsmanship, responsible materials and design without compromise.

One at a Time

Instead of adhering to the standard seasonal schedule, we take as long as we need with every style, releasing just one at a time. This allows us to spend months on material sourcing, prototyping, and designing novel silhouettes to stand the test of time, wear, and weather.

releasing one style

at a time

Transparent Construction

Wherever possible, we eliminate or minimize plastic fillers (which are commonly added to handbag linings for structure and support). To achieve this, we work with master artisans to engineer self-supporting designs that showcase the natural beauty of our raw materials.

transparently constructed

to eliminate plastic fillers


We believe that beauty and integrity are one and the same. We are committed to waste-reducing production protocols optimize form,function, and aesthetics.


Proudly Climate Neutral

As of August 2022, we are Climate Neutral Certified, meaning that we monitor and compensate for all greenhouse gas emissions associated with our brand, while working to reduce our future carbon footprint.

Climate Neutral certified

since August 2022


Like-Minded Partners

We collaborate with our production partners at every stage of product rollout, from ideation to delivery. Close collaboration allows us to track and monitor the social, environmental, and human impact of each bag (every little detail is considered, right down to the recycled zipper tapes). All our bags are produced in a carbon-neutral, solar-powered facility in Italy renowned for Venetian craftsmanship.


Advene wouldn’t exist without the creativity, passion, and brains of many inspiring individuals. Meet our mentors and collaborators — we’re more than a brand: we’re a community.


Advene was founded by long-time friends Zi Xuan and Yijia Wang. Combining Zi's creative ingenuity with Yijia's rational acuity, Advene is a harmony of dualities: emotion and logic - the curve and the grid.


Advene would not exist without the brilliant thinking and generous support of the following collaborators (alphabetized by last name):

Rhea Alexander / Mecca Allah / Gianna Badiali / Nicolo Bajardo / Clara Boaretto / Brynn Bonner / Gianluca Bozzolan / Mrs. Cao / Mr. Chai / Kevin Cheah / Crystal Chen / Winston Chi / Diang Diang / Hongliang Ding / Caroline Dionne / Hua Fang / Jisi Fang / Sandra Favaretto / Hemp Fortex / Cristina Giacomuzzi / Hongmeng Gu / Grace Heitmann / Nana Hiramatsu / Helga Hitko / Winnie Hu / Ritty Huang / Shan Huang / Kelia Ideishi / Ziyun Jin  / Youn Jung Kim / Mr. Kong / Kaia Kongsli / Christopher Lacy / Ulrich Lehmann / Eric Li / Jason Chong Li / Walter Li / Xinnan Li /  Master Liang / Roku Long / Yueyang Luo / Giorgia Masetto / John Mccarthy / Gianluca Minozzi / Katiuscia Nicoletto / Lotta Nieminen / Leah Ogawa / Yuqiao Qing / Stacy Roman / Luca Rossi / Ericka Samuel / Nicola Semenzato / Liuba Sevryukova / Shan Shan / Hanzhang Shen / Mark Silver / Marco Spadon / Chang Su / Master Tan / Frances Thomas / Nicola Tulloch / Joan Wang / Juquan Wang /  Jason Wen / Nick Wu / Jing Yang / Susan Yelavich / Hanna Yi / Lizhe Yu / Davide Zampieri / Candy Zeng / Li Zhang / Arrigo Zheng / Camilla Zottarelli